Dr. Julian brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to his chiropractic practice. His patients benefit from his broad spectrum of techniques which allow him to personalize care to maximize both comfort and results.

Having grown up in the Bay Area, Dr. Julian has always been fascinated by the wonders of the human body. After graduating Palo Alto High he attended Foothill College where he fulfilled his passion in human physiology, nutrition, and exercise courses. During this time he discovered Chiropractic and learned how this combination of science and art can help the body improve and return to its natural homeostasis function. In 2008 with his new passion in Chiropractic, Dr. Julian went on to attend the internationally renowned Palmer Chiropractic College West (PCCW) where he excelled academically and clinically. His active participation in an array of extracurricular clubs and seminars broadened his knowledge and skills for treating patients in various ways.Shortly after graduating Palmer West in 2011, Dr. Julian opened his own practice, Body In Motion Chiropractic , in Redwood City. In 2013 he moved to larger office located in the neighboring city of San Carlos. Being a family practice Dr. Julian sees patients of all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics, and elite athletes to the ordinary weekend warriors.